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The Hawaii Injury Prevention Plan

Posted by Jeffrey Foster | Jul 29, 2015

The State of Hawaii, Department of Health, Injury Prevention and Control Section, in Conjunction with the EMS & Injury Prevention Systems Branch collaborates with partners across the state to provide resources to address Hawaii's leading causes of injury. These resources include the publication of The Hawaii Injury Prevention Plan 2012-2017 (HIPP). HIPP reflects the most current healthcare knowledge provided by leading public healthcare professionals and community partners. The HIPP covers the following areas:

  •        Core capacity to sustain injury prevention policy and program activities
  •        Drowning
  •        Falls Among older adults
  •        Poisoning
  •        Traffic-related injuries
  •        Suicide
  •        Violence and abuse

For a complete copy of the HIPP, Click Here.

For more information regarding what your State of Hawaii, Department of Health can do for you, follow the link below:

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