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Ironman Athlete Injury Attorney Kailua-Kona Hawaii

Aloha Ironman Athletes:

Foster Law Offices proudly represents athletes from around the world who suffer an injury as a result of an auto accident or other personal injury claim. A personal injury claim, and financial settlement, may be available to Ironman athletes who are injured as a result of inattentive driving or other negligence.

As any triathlete knows all too well, an inattentive driver is among the most dangerous of all challenges faced by an athlete in training. Whether it's distracted driving, such as cell phone use/texting, or ignorance (such as the driver who does not look to the right before attempting a right hand turn onto a roadway), an inattentive driver can derail an athlete's Ironman dreams in a heartbeat. 

One contributing factor to accidents involving Ironman athletes in Kona is the influx of drivers from around the world. These drivers are oftentimes unfamiliar with Kona's dilapidated roadways and are unaware how quickly an athlete can cross the drivers path - whether on the bike or run.

As an age-group triathlete, attorney Jeff Foster understands the challenges faced by Ironman athletes on Kona's roadways. Mr. Foster aggressively pursues those responsible for causing an injury to an Ironman athlete through skillful negotiation and aggressive litigation in order to obtain the financial settlement the Ironman athlete is entitled to under Hawaii law. 

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