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Hawaii Bus Accidents

Hawaii Bus Accident Attorney:

Foster Law Offices represents Hawaii residents, visitors and tourists in personal injury claims and lawsuits arising out of a bus accident on a Hawaii roadway. Our clients include bus passengers as well as drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and moped riders who are injured as a result of a bus accident. 

Protect Your Legal Rights:

Due to the size and weight of the vehicles involved, a bus accident often results in severe injuries and, in some cases, death. In bus accident cases, insurance companies act quickly to obtain information related to the accident as well as the injuries sustained by the victims. Because all information is rarely known immediately after the accident, bus accident victims must act quickly to protect their legal rights. By retaining an experienced personal injury attorney immediately after the accident, an injured victim can avoid speaking with any insurance company.  

Bus Accident Statistics:

It is no secret that vehicle accidents are commonplace on Hawaii's roadways. Even public or private multi-passenger transportation vehicles make mistakes that cause severe injuries and even death. Over 20,000 Americans each year are injured in a public transportation related accident. Highway accidents are never completely avoidable, but there are plenty of incidents where a bus driver makes a mistake or a Hawaiian municipality or private transportation company fails to adequately maintain a bus which causes an accident resulting in serious injuries to bus passengers, other drivers, or pedestrians.

Hawaii is unique in that there are more private buses on our roadways than public buses. The sheer number of tour buses on our dilapidated roadways creates a recipe for disaster. In the event of an bus accident, the danger to passengers and others can be significant . 

Causes of Bus Accidents In Hawaii:

The most common cause of bus accidents is driver negligence. Even though bus drivers undergo training before becoming eligible for certification, the large size and difficult lines of site make bus accidents more common than other types of accidents. Another common cause of bus accidents is the negligence of bus companies in maintaining the buses. Bus company negligence can include: improper driver training, improper vehicle maintenance, improper scheduling of employees leading to overworked, fatigued drivers, and driver inattention due to other on-board duties such as narrating a site-seeing trip.

Contact Hawaii Police To Report A Bus Accident:

If you are involved in a bus-related accident it is important to contact Hawaii police as soon as possible after the bus accident. Surprisingly, some bus accidents go unreported to police agencies. It is also  important that you obtain information about your legal rights under Hawaii law from an experienced personal injury attorney before talking to the bus company's insurance company.

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