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Hawaii Slip/Trip and Fall Attorney

Slip-and-Fall/Trip-and-Fall Attorney:

Foster Law Offices represents Hawaii residents, tourists and visitors who have suffered a serious injury due to the negligence of a property owner in maintaining its floors and walkways. Our clients come from throughout the Hawaiian Islands, the mainland United States and from around the world. 

Difference Between Slip-and-Fall and Trip-and-Fall:

A slip-and-fall occurs when a victim suffers injuries due to a fall caused by a slippery substance, such as a liquid, on the floor or walkway. A trip-and-fall occurs when a victim suffers an injury as a result of tripping on an object, crack in the pavement, or damage to a walkway. Due to the hard surface of the walkway, both types of falls can result in serious injuries and even death. 

Hawaii Hotels and Tourism Industry:

In Hawaii, our economy is based primarily on tourism. Hotels, condominiums, VRBO, AirBnB, restaurants and retail stores are visited by millions of residents, visitors and tourists each year. Unfortunately, the safety of walkways and flooring in these establishments is oftentimes neglected by property owners and employees despite the significant risk of injury to guests and patrons. 

The combination of water (ocean, pool, beverages) and negligent property owners/employees is a recipe for disaster when it comes to walkway surface traction. As a result of property owner/employee negligence, accident victims and their families incur millions of dollars each year in medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial losses. Regrettably, with proper training and attention to safety, most slip-and-fall/trip-and-fall accidents are easily preventable.  

Slips and Trips Cause Serious Injuries and financial Losses:

The type of injuries resulting from slip-and-fall/trip-and-fall accidents are usually severe. Broken bones, torn ligaments, brain injuries and other serious injuries are all too common. Such serious injuries lead to exorbitant medical expenses, lost wages and considerable pain and suffering. Oftentimes, slip-and-fall/trip-and-fall accidents result in permanent injuries and long-term wage loss to the victim.

Aggressive Legal Representation:

At Foster Law Offices, attorney Jeffrey Foster takes pride in providing aggressive legal representation on behalf of those injured as a result of a property owner/employee's negligence. We represent clients in cases involving Hawaii property owners of all shapes and sizes, their insurance companies and attorneys in all types of slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall premises liability cases. Our sole objective is to obtain the maximum compensation available under Hawaii law for clients injured as a result of a property owner/employee negligence while providing compassionate counsel to our clients and their families.

With such significant financial losses incurred by an injured victim of a slip-and-fall/trip-and-fall accident, it is important to choose an experienced Hawaii premises liability attorney. Due to certain heightened legal requirements under Hawaii law to prove the case, slip-and-fall/trip-and-fall cases are fought vigorously by insurance companies and property owners. At Foster Law Offices, we take the fight to the insurance company.

Deadline TO File A Lawsuit In Hawaii Slip-and-Fall/Trip-and-Fall Case- Hawaii Statute of Limitations:

As of July, 2015, Hawaii law requires that an injured victim file a lawsuit against the party or parties responsible for the accident not later than two (2) years following the date of the slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident. In the event a lawsuit is not filed prior to the two (2) year statute of limitations, the injured victim has no legal right under Hawaii law to make a claim for injuries sustained in a slip-and-fall/trip-and-fall accident. Insurance companies and property owners are notorious for delaying settlement negotiations in an effort to expire the statute of limitations.

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