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Hawaii Tour Boat Claims

Hawaii tour boat companies earn millions of dollars in revenue each year. With this amount of money at stake, tour boat owners and captains have consistently made highly questionable decisions on whether to embark upon a boat tour or where to go once the boat tour has embarked. If a tour does not embark, the tour boat owner does not earn the revenue from the schedule trip. If an intended destination is unavailable due to weather conditions, the tour boat company risks a bad review.

However, weather conditions such as swell, currents, wind, and (now) lava can create dangerous conditions for even the most experienced of boat captains. The right decision in virtually all of our cases would have been for the tour boat owner to simply cancel the trip, rather than expose unwitting passengers to the risk of serious injury.  

At Foster Law Offices, we work with retired Coast Guard captains and boat captains in Hawaii and on the mainland to ensure that a boat captain's decision(s) to embark on a trip or the decisions made by captain and crew while the tour is on the water are appropriate and safe for passengers. We also work on behalf of our clients with federal and state investigations of injuries and death suffered on the ocean here in Hawaii. 

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury on a Hawaii tour boat, we offer a free consultation to discuss your options. Mahalo.