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Hawaii Retail Store Injury Attorney

Hawaii Retail Store Injury Attorney:

Foster Law Offices represents Hawaii residents, visitors and tourists in personal injury claims resulting from an accident occurring at a retail store. Every year, countless shoppers are injured through no fault of their own while shopping.

Types of Retail Store Accidents In Hawaii:

Shopping injuries can include slip/trip and falls, head or body injuries, overcrowding injuries, parking lot injuries, as well as other accidents caused by a negligent retail store or property owner. Luckily, victims of a retail store injury are entitled to monetary compensation for damages if the owner of the retail establishment is found negligent.

It is important to understand that Hawaii premises liability laws require that store owners provide and maintain a safe retail space for customers. The store owner is required to prevent or, if prevention is not possible, make clear and prominent warnings of any potentially hazardous situation. For example, if there is a slippery or broken walking surface, the store owner is required to post warning signs or an employee actively in the area until the danger is rectified.

Proving Negligence Against A Hawaii Retail Store:

Proof of negligence in a retail store injury can be tricky. It requires that the claim meet three criteria: (1) that the store owner knew or should've known of the potential danger that caused a victims injury; (2) that the store owner or employee violated its duty to the injured victim; (3) that the victim would not have been injured if the dangerous condition wasn't present; (4) that the dangerous condition was the cause of the victim's injuries; (5) that the victim incurred damages, either physical, emotional, or monetary, due to the dangerous condition.

Retail Stores Assert Vigorous Defense Against Claims:

Retail store injury cases in Hawaii are defended vigorously by retail stores and their insurance companies. In many retail store accident cases, retail stores attempt to point the finger at the injured victim in an effort to prove that the injured victim caused the accident. Although some retail stores are "self-insured," these stores hire experienced claims adjusters in an effort to "stall out" the statute of limitations or to deny liability until a Court compels the retail store to pay damages to the injured victim. Most retail store injury cases in Hawaii are only resolved after protracted litigation in Hawaii courts. 

We Are Here To Help:

If you or a loved one has been injured in a retail store accident, we can help. To schedule an appointment to discuss you or your loved one's retail store injury, please call or text (808) 348-7800 or if you prefer to submit your inquiry via email please complete the "Contact Our Firm" box to the right. We look forward to speaking with you.