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Referring Attorneys

Referring Attorneys

At Foster Law Offices, we graciously accept referrals from mainland attorneys and Hawaii attorneys alike in personal injury cases. Attorney Jeffrey E. Foster understands the complexities involved in successfully prosecuting a personal injury claim in Hawaii and is available for consultation and referral to trial lawyers throughout the United States and Hawaiian Islands.

Jeff is a skillful negotiator and experienced litigator who handles cases in state courts throughout the Hawaiian Islands and in federal court on Oahu. In addition to his Hawaii bar license, Jeff has been licensed to practice law in Washington State since 2001 and is keenly aware of the challenges faced by out-of-state lawyers in prosecuting a personal injury claim in Hawaii. 

Oftentimes, out-of-state attorneys are not taken seriously by adjusters and defense attorneys. A recurring complaint from out-of-state attorneys dealing with Hawaii personal injury claims is that the insurance company or independent claims adjuster simply does not respond to a settlement demand. In many cases, the adjuster seeks to wait out the statute of limitations by either not responding to the settlement demand or by responding to the demand with a low-ball counteroffer as the “best and final” offer. Unfortunately, we have consulted several clients whose attorney failed to file suit within the relevant statute of limitations.

Foster Law Offices is referred cases by attorneys who may not practice personal injury law but who are attempting to assist a family member, colleague or friend with their Hawaii personal injury case. We also receive referrals from personal injury attorneys in Hawaii or on the mainland who have reached an impasse in settlement negotiations with a claims adjuster or defense attorney.

In addition to its experience and expertise, Foster Law Offices also maintains the resources necessary to ensure that top expert witnesses are retained and available to testify at arbitration and/or trial. As we all know, the testimony of experts can make the difference between a good and a great result in a personal injury case.

To contact Foster Law Offices, please complete the “Contact Our Firm” box to the right or call/text our office at (808) 348-7800. Thank you for your consideration of Foster Law Offices as a trusted referral for your personal injury case.